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Humboldt Seed Company’s™ mission is to provide high quality medicinal Cannabis seeds to patients in California who wish to grow their own medicine. Humboldt Seed Company offers seeds for fair trade for services provided in accordance with state law. Humboldt Seed Company donates to various charities, including those that serve low income patients.

At Humboldt Seed Company we guarantee our seeds to perform to their best potential. We continually strive to provide you with the highest quality, for your ultimate satisfaction.

HUMBOLDT Seed Company Press Releases

Summary : By: Thadeus Greenson, It's a cloudless late September day on the Humboldt Seed Co. near Orleans, which sits tucked above the Klamath River in the eastern-most stretches of Humboldt County. As a small group walks up a hill, past a vegetable garden and a small creek, the farm's main cannabis cultivation site comes into view, with large plants in full bloom, their colas stretching toward the sky and their pungent scent filling the air. But this isn't the typical grow scene. Instead of hundreds and hundreds of identical plants — grown from clones or seedlings designed to produce indistinguishable cannabis flowers of the same strain — virtually no two plants at the site are the same. Instead, the garden is a showcase of cannabis diversity. Tall spindly plants intermix with short squat ones. The plants' foliage varies from deep purples and seaweed greens to almost mossy, florescent chartreuse. The buds range in size from footballs to golf balls and their scents cross the spectrum from vibrant fruits and florals to biting odors of cheese and gasoline. Even the plants' origins are wildly diverse. Some were grown from seeds long tucked away in sock drawers and hidden compartments, or brought back from Jamaica, while others are crosses or modifications of popular strains. It's a giant, raw, cannabis buffet.

Summary : Deter internal theft with robust checks and balances. “In addition to what's outside your organization, you have to look within your organization,” Buffkin advises. He recommends multilevel checks and balances to protect everything from finished product to proprietary genetics. “Don't have any one person holding the keys to everything. Have multiple people that are checking and, if they see something, raising the flag,” he says.

Date : 8/15/2018 | The Mega Hunt for Phenotype

Summary : Watch this trailer produced by Darkheart Nursery and Humboldt Seed Company!

Date : 7/18/2018 | Humboldt Seeds Determined Best!

Summary : In prohibition days, the seed-to-sack journey was intentionally mysterious. Post-legalization, hipsters haven't wasted any time asking, "Is it local?" While plants might be harvested at grandma's farm, what about their source? Pragmatism and profit have pushed many cultivators toward clones, allowing a jump on harvest and low- to no-cost starts. But if untraceable pesticides/fungicides can show up in the final product, it doesn't fly in the regulated marketplace.

Summary : Purple Line Media, a boutique creative studio that specializes in Cannabis branding and packaging have designed the packaging for Humboldt Seed Co. “Purple Line Media was approached by a world-renown Cannabis Seed Company to develop branding and packaging for their seed line. Humboldt county is the heart of California's emerald triangle and the large banner Humboldt Seed Co logo was developed to boldly promote the origin of these premium seeds.”

Summary : We met in the coastal town of Arcata, California on a cool July morning for a drive up the mountain, and through northern Humboldt County. Winding up the mountain, the sun glistened on the river as we talked pot shop. Hours and many picturesque miles later, our farm tour team arrived at Humboldt Seed Company. Humboldt Seed Company takes a holistic approach in both their breeding and farming practices. Even though HSC uses cutting edge science to develop their seed varieties, they somehow maintain a welcoming “homesteady” atmosphere.

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