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BAM-00-0 : Banana Mango Cannabis Seed

Our Banana Mango is a combo of terpene profiles that make these seeds unique. This strain packs a punch with a dominant aroma of banana and mango. The seeds grow huge plants and amazing vigor. THC hovers around 22% with high Trichome production.

AK-00-0 : AK 47 Cannabis Seed

The Afghani presences in this strain produces epicly frosty emerald green colas from top to bottom. No larf on this lady, shes rock hard through and through. Ideal for any growser not wanting to waste time on manicuring their flowers. High levels of Humulene give AK-47 a "hoppy" like smell and have reported anti-Inflammatory and weight loss benefits.

AT-00-0 : Amethyst Cannabis Seed

Blood Orange Amethyst is a cross of Blueberry Muffin and Purple Panty Dropper that produces heavily branching plants with uniform buds. It possesses a pungent unique smell and taste of grapefruit. The unique flavor comes in part from its high production of d-Limonene, a reported cancer fighting terpene.

AP-00-0 : Apricot Papaya Cannabis Seed

Our Apricot Papaya is an easy to grow strain which produces platinum green buds dripping with resin. It has a fast flowering time and juicy nose. It has a citrus cinnamon skunk smell.

ASP-00-0 : Asphalt Plant Cannabis Seed

Our Asphalt plant is huge—the plant, the leaves, the nugs and the high. It is a great producer of dense bright green nugs. It is a moderate/heavy producer with an extremely high THC levels of 20%+.This may be a great to relieve anxiety, lack of appetite and pain.

BFG-00-0 : Bigfoot Glue Cannabis Seed

Bigfoot Glue produces big, fluffy nugs that are covered in crystals. The piney, floral, sour smoke is great for a state of uplifting relaxation. It has an earthy pungent pine flavor with 25%+ THC potentials.

BM-000 : Blueberry Muffin Cannabis Seed

Blueberry Muffin is a company favorite. This seed produces plants that grow uniformly and produce frosty colas highlighted with purple flakes. The buds smell powerfully like fresh baked blueberry muffins, making the naming of this strain a piece of… muffin. The smoke is energizing and may be good for relieving pain due to arthritis and ulcers.

CSD-00-0 : California Sour Diesel Cannabis Seed

Our California Sour Diesel is a classic and is bred to grow and grow. It has a sour lemon citrus fuel smell and is helpful for relaxing and as an appetite stimulant.

CJ-00-0 : Very Cherry Cannabis Seed

Very Cherry strain is created from breeding seeds passed to us by a local old-timer. We found the plant smelled just like cherry cough drops and have continued working that into this sweet cherry blossom masterpiece. Perfect for sauce and terpene forward projects. It is likely to produce around 18%THC but is incredibly loud and very unique.

CMK-00-0 : Collie Man Kush Strain Cannabis Seed

Our Collie Man Kush was bred for the SoCal band Slightly Stoopid. It is composed of fuel and OG terpene just as front man Miles Doughty likes it. It is an extremely dense and productive potency of Kush and is non-drowsy.

CM-00-0 : Cookie Monster Strain Cannabis Seed

This hybrid of Cookie Family’s G.S. Cookie and our Purple Panty Dropper was our first attempt at seed from the coveted clone. It has hybrid vigor and big frosty colas. It has a high production with a strong sweet earthy wood smell.

DF-00-0 : Stoopid Fruits Strain Cannabis Seed

Our Stoopid Fruits was bred for the SoCal band Slightly Stoopid. It has a tropical fruit flavors and Sweet Sensi that front man Kyle McDonald loves. Enjoy the papaya, strawberry, mango flavor of this unique seed.

DC-00-0 : Don Carlos Cannabis Seed

Don Carlos strain is breed specifically for the world famous reggae star. The genetics used are what Don personally asked for and were some of the best looking plants on the farm. Expect large plants with frosty green flowers, purple specks and a gassy, sour, blackberry O.G. smell.

DQ-00-0 : Dream Queen Cannabis Seed

Dream Queen is one of the fastest flowering and largest producer of our collection. Grows huge plants, easily doubling in size during flower. The extremely green buds have a sweet skunky smell. This is a fast and easy to grown strain; a gem for light deprivation. THC levels should push 23% creating a light energetic high. May be effective against daytime pain, anxiety and muscle spasms.

FOG-00-0 : Fire OG Cannabis Seed

Our Fire OG offers large, dense nugs covered in orange fiery hairs. It has a smooth, lemony and piney smoke with an earthy pungent citrus smell.

GSC-00-0 : G.S. Cookies Cannabis Seed

G.S. Cookies is available for the first time ever in a stable seed. The seed produces large plants compared to their clone counterpart, easily doubling harvest expectations. The buds are extremely compact and prolific with THC levels reaching upwards of 28%. The smoke is intensely medicinal and may work well for anxiety, depression, pain, and appetite stimulations.

HD-00-0 : Humboldt Dreams Cannabis Seed

Humboldt Dream is an extremely vigorous plant that will exceed even the novice gardener’s expectations. They can reach well over 15 feet in height/width and yield over 10 pounds per plant when placed directly in the ground. This strain has proven to be exceptionally pest and disease resistant. It’s sweet berry smell comes in part from its high levels of Myrcene which has reported anti-cancer and antispasmodic qualities.

HH-00-0 : Humboldt Headband Cannabis Seed

Humboldt Headband is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. It produces a compact plant with dense, tight buds that express significant mold resistance. The sweet smoke is super heady and potent with notes of lemon and diesel accents.

HSD-00-0 : Humboldt Sour Diesel Cannabis Seed

This is a fresh take on the classic Sour Diesel with its dense flower structure. It is easy to grow and will double in size during flower. This is a low maintenance strain which expresses moderate mold resistance. It has a skunky aroma.

JH-00-0 : Jack Herer Cannabis Seed

This strain honors Jack Herer longtime cannabis activist and medical marijuana user. The strain produces huge plants with massive light green buds. The effects are long lasting and helpful in relieving anxiety. It has a skunk, eucalyptus, pine flavor with a 17-22% THC level.

LK-00-0 : Lemon Kush Cannabis Seed

Lemon Kush is an extremely tall variety which grows like a cluster of bamboo. Each cain holds a massive amount of uniformly large buds that smell of lemons. Its lemon smell comes from the high production of Limonene, a reported anti-cancer, anti-microbial.

L-00-0 : Lemongrass Cannabis Seed

Lemongrass is a new strain with high THC levels complemented by juicy terpenes with lemon flavor. The plants are huge and display hybrid vigor. Disease, mildew and mold resistance is high and flower structure is perfect for machine or hand-trimming.

MM-00-0 : Magic Melon Cannabis Seed

Our Magic Melon strain got its name from the buds that smell like honeydew or cantaloupe. Large and productive plants with the THC levels around 22% and 1-2% CBD.

MS-00-0 : Mango Sherbert Cannabis Seed

Our Mango Sherbert offers much larger plants than the Sherbert cut covered in fuzzy trichomes you are used to from the strain. It has light green buds with orange hairs smelling like mango sherbert with a hint of whipped cream and strawberry. Effects are relaxing and may be helpful with tight muscles, stress and anxiety

MT-00-0 : Mago Trees Cannabis Seed

Mango Trees is a cross breed of Mango Kush with Humboldt OG and Jack Herer. The gigantic uniform plants have frosty light green-orange flowers that have a sweet and sour mango scent. With a THC of 24-28%, it has a refreshing, energizing ethereal effect.

OGK-00-0 : OG Kush Cannabis Seed

OG Kush is easy to grow early. It is more productive than other OG phonemes, but with the same gassy smell. This is a powerful strain that won’t leave you hanging when it comes to stem strength.

OGOG-00-0 : Old Growth O.G. Cannabis Seed

Our Old Growth O.G. pays homage to the environmentalists protecting the gigantic redwoods of Humboldt. This A-list strain create an explosion of fuel terpenes. It has a pine fuel lemon smell.

PM-00-0 : Pineapple Muffin Cannabis Seed

Our Pineapple Muffin is a cross between some of our favorite strains, Pineapple Trainwreck and Blueberry Muffin, offering the best of both plants. It produces vigorous, mold-resistant plants that grow wide and tall. The dense buds are bright green with purple flacking. The sweet blueberry scent is highlighted by pineapple leaving you relaxed and productive.

PT-00-0 : Pineapple Trainwreck Cannabis Seed

Our Pineapple Trainwreck is a dense, compact plant that produces huge, bright green buds. It is a high yielder with relatively early finish date—a safe bet for growers with a strict timeline. It has sweet citrus smelling buds which produce a relaxing effect. It is great for those experiencing anxiety.

PUDC-00-0 : Pineapple Upside Down Cake Cannabis Seed

Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a new strain which sets the bar high for unique terpene profiles. It was the product of a vast phenotype hunt in Humboldt County and smells exactly like its name. The train Wreck sativa brings a sharp loudness and the indica balances its energetic effect. The effect is immediately rewarding, uplifting, and spiritual.

PMM-00-0 : Purple Mountain Cannabis Seed

Our Purple Mountain Majesty is a Trainwreck phenotype which was unlocked when we crossed Trainwreck with the original Blueberry Muffin. It has a wide growth pattern which will fill your garden. It is extremely resistant to powdery mildew and bud rot. Its signature turpentine smell comes in part from high levels of terpinolene which has reported an anti-microbial and strong tranquilizing effect.

PPD-00-0 : Purple Panty Dropper Cannabis Seed

Purple Panty Dropper is Humboldt Seed Company’s original strain. These seeds produce big plants with uniform growth and great yields. These purple buds are moderately dense, with a sweet, floral almost concord grape-like scent and aphrodisiac smoke.

RH-00-0 : Royal Highness Cannabis Seed

Royal Highness produces buds the size of baseball bats and dripping with resin. The distinct Kush smell is due to the high levels of a-Humulene and d-Pinene, which reportedly produce anti-inflammatory, appetite suppressive and anti-microbial effects. It is one of our most trichome covered varieties.

SAF-00-0 : Solstice Autoflower Cannabis Seed

Our Solstice Autoflower is a feminized Autoflower seed which is perfect for the low-profile backyard grower or for a bonus harvest between full season plants. It needs ideal conditions throughout the 90 days of growth to produce enough flower for harvest. Plant outside in good soil in full sun when it’s warm or indoors under 18 hours of light.

SAN-00-0 : Sweet Annie Cannabis Seed

Our Sweet Annie was created as a uniquely medicinal 1:1 THC/CBD herb. It is easy to grow and is wonderful for topical or any delivery method. Suggested for outdoor growing only. It has a sweet Concord grape smell.

T-00-0 : Trainwreck Cannabis Seed

Trainwreck is a vigorous plant that has incredible production. It has an extremely wide growth pattern which makes this strain ideal for the grower with height limitations. It has a huge production of lime green strong smelling buds with incredible mold resistant and a low maintenance plant structure. It gets its sweet turpentine smell from high levels of Terpinolene which has reported an anti-microbial and strong tranquilizing effect.

TT-00-0 : Truffula Tree Cannabis Seed

Our Truffula Tree is a new strain created by one of our most experienced breeders. It is bred to produce larger colas than G.S. Cookies while still retaining the bright purple sweet smell.

VF-00-0 : Vanilla Frosting Cannabis Seed

In our Vanilla Frosting we have improved the Gelato lines of the past few years steering away from squat flowers. We have prioritized hybrid vigor and THC production of up to 30%. The strong stalks lead to less breakage from the dense buds. Huge trichome covered buds with perfect node gaps means easy hand or machine trimming. The strain has a creamy vanilla fuel.

WGL-00-0 : Willy G's Lebanese Cannabis Seed

Willy G and his cousin procured these seeds from the Bakka Valley in Lebanon. We breed and pheno hunted them to create this wonderful silk-road masterpiece of a medical breakthrough. Willy G uses cannabis to help with the effects of his cerebral palsy. Seeds have a very high CBD to THC ratio. Seeds should all produce flower with an over 20.1 ratio of CBD.

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